In Love with Death

by Nunca Más

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released August 10, 2016

Gabriel Ochoa – Vocals
Humberto López – Drums
Antonio Saucedo –Guitar
Tina Godoy – Bass

All Music and Lyrics by Gabriel Ochoa
Performed and Produced by Gabriel Ochoa
Drums recorded by Humberto López

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Sound Labs, Orange, CA.
Drums recorded by Salvador Llanes at Om Estudios, Guadalajara, Mx.
Artwork by Arturo Fresán
Layout by Antonio Saucedo

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Nunca Más Guadalajara, Mexico

Born in 1999, HC band from Guadalajara Mx.

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Track Name: Broken Faith
Broken hopes, broken faith, I won’t pray. From darkness my eyes awake searching light. Fly from tyrants and DEMONS to greet new wisdom. WHERE IS THE WORLD? WHERE HAVE OUR HOPES GONE? LET US NOT CURSE THIS LIFE. Born in grief, sick despair, broken faith, I won’t pray… NUNCA MAS!
Track Name: In Love with Death
World Wide Web systems disruption, flying bombs, remote destruction, cell phone detonators, IN LOVE WITH DEATH extermination! Made out of the Earth, made directly in Hell. PAIN SEEMS TO HAVE DISSOLVED ALL OVER ME. Fear of sleep, I might not wake up, pain is everywhere, torment of the soul. Catastrophes, extermination, IN LOVE WITH DEATH, I kill myself. Technology is the highest hope of pride and power offered with pain, we all feel it, and won’t live again, it destroys our souls, we know it well. IN LOVE WITH DEATH!
Track Name: Falling
Condemned to a life lost in fear, lost in pain, drowned in horror, atrocities you made me do. Reverence for life is lost, Where am I? PURGED MY MIND OF ALL ITS HOPE. Hate is my God. Falling in a life of pain, falling in agony, falling in murderous ways, falling in your fucking Hell. Condemned to a life lost in fear, lost in pain, my life is burned in fire!
Track Name: Alone
I find myself alone, immersed in dark thoughts, rotting in a dark destiny, captive in silent solitude. Spirits of death take me, I’m a slave of evilness, under the devil’s breath, DEAD ALIVE IN THE MOST STORMY LIFE. Swallowing the devil’s poison I want my heart eaten by worms, swallowing the devil’s poison I want my soul to burn in Hell! DAMNATION! Falling into nothingness. SALVATION! I’m no longer part of this sick world!
Track Name: Unblessed
We lie forgotten unburied, alone we are already corpses, no one cares, no one dares, we are damned and dead in this Hell. Unfair life, unjust death. Death has a throne beneath the sky, I lie there face up searching heaven’s light. Wasting my time, erase me from Earth. Turn it off! This is an anthem for those who die so young, this is an anthem for those who were dehumanized, this is an anthem for those who came to suffer, this is an anthem for the last moment in Hell. A slow death consumes us, lacerates our hearts unblessed, destroys our hopes and souls, I wish I could go back in time.
Track Name: Tombstones
Tombstones, death surrounds me, I have no time to fear again, late for Heaven, I fell in Hell, grew up in pain, youth expired, loneliness, I’M SICK OF LIFE. In darkness and unblessed I WALK ON THE HUMAN PATH. Satisfy our own desires, killed a brief life, killed an innocent child, end of a brief life. MURDER. A young life that was a short dream, a dream of HOPELESS SORROW.