Evil's Reign (b​-​sides 2012)

by Nunca Más

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B-side tracks


released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Nunca Más Guadalajara, Mexico

Born in 1999, HC band from Guadalajara Mx.

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Track Name: Cain
Brother stabs brother, fear fights bravery, pain replaces life, world becomes hell. Humans creates war, war consumes humans, Angels let us fall, Demons spit on us all. Dreams are gone, nightmares are real, darkness embraces souls, sins have been overcome. Life is nothing, death is hope, birth is a curse, love is gone. Skies turn red, blood have been shed, brother stabs brother, we dig our own grave. Wishing for the end, it takes too long, holding into this sorrow, we'll never give up
Track Name: Enemy of Creation
Against this world, where we don't empathize, we just dis-empathize, our pathology, Desensitized. Dismissible projection, in a world where we don't pay attention, trapped in a virtual world, intense and all-pervasive visual information, Enemy.
We live a fallacy full of fake spirituality, callousness toward the world, that's why we've been cursed.
Our sin was to anthropomorphize, we've been desensitize, the sad rain is falling, our horrible faith is coming
Track Name: Pray for Us
Pray for us, for redemption. Save our souls, from damnation. Set us free, for this suffering. Let us sin, for compassion. Pray for us, in this agony. Save our souls, from this misery.